A matter of expression

Expressing one's opinions in an open arena such as the web or the press, requires courage in overcoming self-consciousness and other insecurities. For that reason, I admire columnists, reporters and bloggers alike, who bare their souls for all to read, fearless of the consequences of their published words. From time immemorial, those who have stuck out their heads, voiced …

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Empowering creativity

Some days when writing Krish I couldn't complete a single sentence without censoring myself. Either the structure would be all wrong or the words didn't sound right. Anyway, a few frustrating hours later, all I would have managed to produce is a mess, with scrunched up paper strewn on the floor. I needed a cunning technique to stop my over-critical self getting in the way of the creative process. Here are two useful tricks I discovered that helped me get back on the productive track …

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Miracles and misadventures in writing

Funny how sometimes you don't notice the most obvious things, and that is even truer in creative writing. Here are some of my early misadventures and miraculous discoveries while penning Krish. Be yourself Though unconsciously done, when I first started writing, I imitated (poorly) my favourite authors. Of course, that inauthentic voice failed to resonate, compelling me to trust my own instincts, then, miraculous as it seemed, the prose flowed with natural rhythm. Hear yourself Only on reading the drafts aloud, did I notice how energy gushed out of …

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