Laziness, boredom, whatever…

For the past few days, I have struggled to find the zest for writing. Maybe it’s the weather, or just plain laziness? Whatever, I keep finding distractions like Instagram or Netflix. Even drying up dishes has suddenly taken priority over knuckling down to pen Krish Book II.

In fact, I’m not reading either. Though there are my usual two to three novels on the go, I have left them to gather dust on the coffee table. Very strange behaviour indeed, given my love for books.

Frustrated with the inertia, I decided to kick-start my lust for creativity with visual aids and poured through some holiday snaps. Here are a few that inspired me. Enjoy!





Reigning darkness

Just a few years ago, I remember having to wear my winter coat by this time of the year. Today, there is glorious sunshine, reminiscent of a warm spring morning. In fact, judging by the tiny pink buds peeking from some branches, one would be forgiven for thinking it was April, already.

The only sign of winter’s impending arrival is the darkness, closing in earlier and earlier each evening, reigning longer, way into the mornings. That has to be the worst aspect of mid autumn, waking up at six thirty a.m. only to find the stars are still shining in a night sky.

Hammering the final nail in the season’s coffin, British summer time ends next week. Clocks go back. Days will become even shorter, but at least, mornings will be as they should, light and star-free.