Empowering creativity

Some days when writing Krish I couldn’t complete a single sentence without censoring myself. Either the structure would be all wrong or the words didn’t sound right. Anyway, a few frustrating hours later, all I would have managed to produce is a mess, with scrunched up paper strewn on the floor.

I needed a cunning technique to stop my over-critical self getting in the way of the creative process. Here are two useful tricks I discovered that helped me get back on the productive track on those dreadful days.

Quick Relaxation Exercise

Sit up straight with feet firmly planted on the floor. Then focus on the breath, in and out, until one feels centred. This could take 5 – 10 minutes depending on how restless the mind is. Go back to writing, and notice the difference.

Free Writing

This is a great way to silence the inner editor and get the creative juices flowing. It’s a timed exercise, I usually do it for 15 minutes. Here are the main steps.

1. Make up a random statement or phrase, e.g.,

  • The toy robot was _ _ _ _
  • The pigeon flew _ _ _ _
  • It was a cold _ _ _ _
  • Today is _ _ _ _

2. Then write down what happens next using these rules:

  • Write fast
  • Write the first thing that comes to mind
  • Do not take the pen away from the paper
  • No crossing out of words, even if they are spelt incorrectly
  • No re-reading what has been written. Just keep on writing
  • No editing of any kind is allowed even if you think you’re writting rubbish
  • Do not stop writing until the 15 minutes are up

It’s amazing how many pages I’ve filled up with total gibberish whilst doing this exercise. Yet each time, as I persist with it, something miraculous happens, inspiration starts to flow and really great stuff begins to pour out of the pen.